Coping with Covid: Final Thoughts

Our five episode mini series comes to an end as we discuss our final thoughts on the whole COVID-19 pandemic and prepare to move on to the new year hoping for the best in 2021.

We disagree heavily on one key issue which we discuss in depth on this episode but ultimately we can’t see eye to eye. However, we do agree on most points when it comes to the response of this virus and continue to move forward as best we can while the world sorts out the best way to handle COVID-19.

Join us for our last chat about this situation and then let’s move on to a better year!


How Long Can You Stay in a Long Distance Marriage?

It’s not uncommon for people to have a strained relationship with their in-laws. A love between a parent and a child is strong, but so is the love between two spouses. So what happens in a scenario when a person is forced to choose between taking care of their elderly parent full time or leading a normal life with their spouse? This is never an ideal situation for anyone involved, but it does happen.

In today’s episode, we give advice to a man who has been away from his wife for almost a year. We offer another perspective for him, and a solution to the problem so everyone in the scenario can potentially win. What do we think about this one?

Find out in today’s episode of Love and Life Advice!


How Long Should I Go Without Sex in a Relationship?

In life, there are certain things we absolutely must-have for survival. We need air, water, food, and shelter. Without these, we would die. There are many other things at the top of the list that are important, but we wouldn’t die without… one of these things being sex.

In today’s episode, we discuss how long is too long to go without sex in a relationship. Is it okay to go days, weeks, months, even years? As a couple who has been together a decade, we’ve had our fair share of sex droughts and have survived them all.

We discuss some of the reasons why you may be going through a dry spell, and why some women become uninterested in “giving it up”. We also give some useful tips and tricks on how to spice up your sex life and make it new again! Join us today as we talk about one of our favorite topics – sex! Happy listening!