How will the future of housing look?

We’ve been talking quite a bit lately on how technology is getting out of control in a lot of ways. The notifications are out of control and distract us from living a much more simple life because we can’t put our electronics down.

In today’s episode, we chat a little about how we predict in the next 10-20 years will start living a more balanced life with nature and technology.

We believe things have been slowly changing to a more self-sufficient life, and will continue to do so over the next decade or two and hopefully lead to a better balance between the real world and the digital realm.

Listen in and see if you agree! Enjoy the episode and we’ll catch you next week! 🙂


Is technology bad for us?

In today’s episode, we talk a bit more about how we’re feeling extra burnt out on technology and got a much needed escape this weekend when we went scalloping.

Our last few episodes have been a bit lower energy because we’ve been feeling drained by life and the day to day. But we got a chance to go out and enjoy the real world and we think it is worth passing on to our listeners how much good some nature can do.

So listen in and then get out there and experience the world! Have a good walk, go to the ocean, or just sit in your backyard and breathe in the fresh air!

Enjoy, and talk to you Wednesday!


We didn’t want to do this episode.

In today’s episode, we talk about not wanting to do today’s episode.

Yeah, we’re being honest and a little behind the scenes with this episode. We’re both feeling pretty worn down by life right now and doing today’s episode on schedule felt like an extra daunting task.

We’re both feeling spread thin and drained by our day jobs, other projects, and day to day life. We’re overwhelmed with everything. We almost didn’t do the episode.

But we pushed through and did it anyway. Yeah, it might not be the best or most useful episode we’ve ever done, but we thought there could be a lesson in persistence in this one if nothing else.

So here you go! Listen to us talk about how we didn’t really feel like doing this but we did it anyway.

Enjoy and have a good one! We’ll catch you next Monday!  🙂

P.S. Cheers to all the creators out there! This is a lot of work! What did we get ourselves into?


Are notifications driving you crazy?

In today’s episode, we talk about how phone notifications have gotten out of hand.

Megan and Jason discuss how intrusive and distracting these can be, along with the general need to constantly be looking at your phone or taking endless pictures of everything going on around you instead of simply living in the moment.

We can’t be the only ones who are getting burnt out of the hold technology has on us and on society as a whole.

Listen in and let us know if you feel the same way! 



Should you be afraid to end a marriage?

In today’s episode, we answer a question from a guy who’s afraid to end his 4-year marriage because his wife threatens to withhold custody of their young daughter.

Megan and Jason both discuss the situation but generally agree that unless the father is doing blatantly bad things, he should not have fear that the court system would not grant him proper legal access to his own child.

Listen in and let us know if you agree!

Have a good one and we’ll catch you next Monday! 


Have you noticed the Mercury Retrograde?

In this episode, we have a chat about the chaotic energy the last few weeks. We’ve had lots of odd issue with our electronics and such breaking out of the blue.

Turns out, we’re in a Mercury Retrograde. Megan finds this sort of thing interesting and we discuss the effects and what we think of the whole astrology side of things.

Join us for our thoughts and let us know what you think. Did you have any weird issues the last few weeks?

Enjoy and catch the next episode on Wednesday.