Here we go again. Quarantining for the second time.  

If your state hasn’t already shut down, there is a good chance it may soon. As many states in America begin shutting down for round two of lockdowns, there are many people who may fear the future and rightfully so.

There are so many devastations around us besides the virus itself. People are losing their livelihoods, small businesses are shutting down, many people can’t afford to pay their rent or feed their families. Depression rates have TRIPLED amidst the coronavirus. How can we deal with these feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety? How can we get our life back in order if it seems to be falling to pieces?

What can we do with ourselves besides eating comfort food and not getting out of our pajamas? What can we do besides drinking ourselves into a downward spiral? In episode two of our mini-series we discuss what we can do to better ourselves while the world is shut down.  Survival is important, but being able to thrive in these rough times isn’t impossible. How can we use this time to our advantage while the rest of the world is seemingly falling apart? How can we financially survive this economic crisis if we’ve been let go? What lessons can we learn from this covid tragedy once the world gets back to normal?  

Find out what we have to say to keep you ahead of the game while we are locked inside.