Alright, folks, here it is! The episodes you’ve all been waiting for!

Today in our mini-series we’re doing a special double episode. One with Jason’s opinions and one with Megan’s opinions on the coronavirus and how it has been handled. Clear your mind and come ready to tune in as we discuss the pandemic in our own unique ways. Whether you agree with Megan, Jason, neither one of us, or both of us; everyone with an open mind will have something to gain from today’s episodes.

In this episode, we will hear Megan’s side. She takes us through the narrative of her own Covid-19 story. From her fear of the virus, to her interesting toilet paper story, to being exposed and tested, to waking up to the truth. Megan gets passionate about her view of what’s going on in the world as she discusses her thoughts on public safety, and touching on the politics of it all.

You’re not going to want to miss this episode as Megan gets emotional and says her peace in hopes of waking up her listeners to their own realities.

In this episode, we will hear Jason’s point of view. He comes to the show prepared with what’s really important; facts, numbers, and logic. Jason gets fired up about his thoughts on mask mandates, shutting down the economy, and presenting real numbers and statistics.

His goal for this episode is to get people thinking about what’s real. Not about what could happen, not getting wrapped up in the emotions of it all-but the cold, hard facts of the reality we are living in.

Don’t miss this episode as Jason unapologetically defends the constitution and the rights of the American people.

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Heart Disease





Covid (Google search: “how many people have died from covid”)