Hey Love and Life Advice Listeners! We’ve intentionally tried to stay away from discussing polarizing topics like how the government has handled the pandemic, the election, politics, and other hot button subjects that are divisive. We like to stay focused on helping others through their rough patches and help them move into a better life station by looking at things differently.

In the past couple weeks we have had an overwhelming amount of questions pouring in about mentally surviving quarantine and other topics surrounding Covid-19. After much discussion we’ve come to an agreement that we can no longer avoid the topic as several states are cracking down and heading into a second round of lockdowns.
So this is us finally giving in, biting the bullet, and letting you know where we both stand.

In this four part bonus mini series, Jason and Megan will be discussing their views on the lock down. This will probably surprise many of our listeners, but we do not see eye-to-eye on how the pandemic has been handled and is being handled.

To stay in, or not to stay in? What is truly best for us as a country? Our society as a whole? What is the right answer? Is there a right answer?

We will be releasing bonus episodes every Friday for the next four weeks as we discuss the subject we’ve avoided since we started: the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you agree with me, Jason, or neither of us, we believe our listeners can benefit from all of our conversations.