Today’s episode is about sex… before marriage.

One of our listeners wants advice on how to navigate the dating world while being an 18-year-old virgin who wants to save herself.

With both of us growing up in a Christian household, we talk about our upbringing and experience. We discuss our point of view and years later how we feel about it now.

Where do we stand? You may or may not be surprised. This episode will be a controversial one! Join us as we discuss celibacy in the 2020s. Should society be reconsidering the whole idea of marriage in this day and age?

Quotes from this episode…

“If you fret about it, your dating life is going to be much more complicated than it needs to be.”


“I think it’s important to get to the root of WHY you want to wait.”


“Your body‚Ķ is YOUR temple. Not your parent’s. Not your boyfriend’s. Not your future husband’s. It belongs to you and you alone.”