Hey Future Listeners, 

A big warm welcome to our show! First and foremost we’d like to start out by introducing ourselves. We’re Megan and Jason, co-founders of the Love and Life Advice podcast. After months of planning we’re extremely excited to finally put this podcast out there!

We wanted to start this first podcast out with you guys getting to a little bit about us. We thought it was important to share our personal story and background with you before you binge all the episodes. Haha!

After almost a decade of marriage we’ve learned successful ways to navigate life together as a team. We are certainly not your most traditional married couple; but we know what works! We know what it takes to help couples grow stronger, closer, and better together. 

Tune in now as we help our listeners blossom into happy, healthy, fun, and fulfilling relationships. We look forward to connecting with you! 

Your Future Life Coaches,
Megan and Jason