Long distance relationships can suck. Whether they are in another city or state the distance can be wearing. But what happens when the person you love lives halfway around the world in another country?

Would you be willing to move to Australia for someone you met online? Can you leave your job, friends, and family to take your shot at true love?
There are a lot of difficult decisions to make when moving, but moving across the world to be with someone you’ve never met in real life is a big decision to make. It might seem crazy from the outside looking in, but also crazy romantic.

How do you know if it is too soon to take such a leap of faith for someone you’ve only known a few months? Do you feel like you’re getting too old to miss your chance?

In today’s episode we weigh in on all the pros and cons of uprooting your life for a chance at happily ever after. We discuss the logistics of moving, money, the practicality of parting from your loved ones and way of living, and so much more.

Should you risk it all for a chance at love? Find out what we think in today’s episode of Love and Life Advice!