In today’s episode, we talk about not wanting to do today’s episode.

Yeah, we’re being honest and a little behind the scenes with this episode. We’re both feeling pretty worn down by life right now and doing today’s episode on schedule felt like an extra daunting task.

We’re both feeling spread thin and drained by our day jobs, other projects, and day to day life. We’re overwhelmed with everything. We almost didn’t do the episode.

But we pushed through and did it anyway. Yeah, it might not be the best or most useful episode we’ve ever done, but we thought there could be a lesson in persistence in this one if nothing else.

So here you go! Listen to us talk about how we didn’t really feel like doing this but we did it anyway.

Enjoy and have a good one! We’ll catch you next Monday!  🙂

P.S. Cheers to all the creators out there! This is a lot of work! What did we get ourselves into?