Am I being played? Is the person I’m talking to REALLY into me? 

In the 2020’s it seems relationship statuses are more muddled than ever. Are we in a relationship? Are we just talking? Are we friends with benefits? Is this actually going somewhere? “Almost dating” is such a strange relationship to have with someone, but is a very relevant thing in today’s society. 

How do we know if someone is stringing us along VS them simply wanting to be chased? What are some signs we can pick up on to keep from being used? 

Find out what we think in today’s episode!

Quotes from this episode…

“It is not your job to wait on standby while someone sorts themselves out.”


“By continuously spending time with him, and sleeping with him, you’ve proven to him that he can puppet you. He thinks he has the ability to control you, and having a power dynamic like that in any kind of relationship is TOXIC.”